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The Pocket Diet: Pita Bread for Weight Loss


Every week I get a number of emails from authors (or more often promoters) of various weight loss programs and books. I don't mean authors like Arthur Agatston (South Beach Diet), or Jorge Cruise (3-Hour diet) - but usually individuals looking for some kind of publicity for their new diet.

Sometimes it seems overwhelming - there are so many resources out there about weight loss. Anyway - here's one thats interesting - The Pocket Diet.

This little book is all about portion control - by using pita bread (pita pockets) as a basis for meals. The book sells for $8 at Amazon. I have not read the book, but certainly whole-wheat pita bread is something that I enjoy eating. Portion size is a real issue and at the heart of many weight problems.

The Pocket Diet appears to be the brainchild of Kangaroo Brands who make... well... pita bread. Many food companies release their own diet plans. However instead of looking for evil marketing conspiracies it's more helpful to see what can be learned from this diet.

Eating pita bread on a daily basis may get tiresome after a while - but overall it seems like a great idea. If you can learn what is an appropriate portion size for your body - you are well on the way to managing your weight.


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